Ready for a Restaurant Renovation? 5 Things to Consider

Restaurants always want to stand out from competitors. Finding a reliable contractor who will effectively handle your restaurant remodel has its challenges because there is room for making a mistake. Your restaurant renovation should be done right, including the concept, design, materials, and construction. Keeping this in mind, here are things to consider when you are ready for that restaurant renovation you have always wanted.

Ready for a Restaurant Renovation? 5 Things to Consider

1) Experience Counts

Blueprints matter, but they are not the most important thing. You should never hire someone that does not have the right experience. Do you want things completed on time and under budget? You need someone who has worked on your type of restaurant before.

2) The Bidding Wars

There is a difference between a low bid from someone who is slammed with a lot of work and a low bid from someone desperate for work. This is not the time to be cheap. Hire someone with a strong bid with proper resources.

3) Design Flow

Everything has to ebb and flow properly. This goes partially back to experience: an experienced contractor knows what works best and what doesn’t, but you will have to take the design of your restaurant as your first and foremost priority when planning your new space. Your restaurant has to have adequate traffic flow and a reasonable waiting area. You also need to consider accessibility to adhere to your local accessibility laws and guidelines.

4) The Lighting

The right lighting matters. Depending on the type of eatery you have, your windows, and the ambiance you want, you’ll have different lighting needs when compared to other people who own restaurants. Talk to your contractor regarding their experience when it comes to lighting; find out if they have an electrician who will handle the task or they can do it themselves.

5) Professionalism

Hire someone who comes in prepared to work, including wearing the proper clothing. Slackers need not apply.

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